The island of Herøy is just a hop from the mainland and the town of Sandnessjøen, and an ideal starting point for exploring the Helgeland coastline. Elfis is just a short distance away from two of the area’s most iconic landmarks – the mountains of “De Syv Søstre” (Seven Sisters) and “Dønnamannen”.

Galleri Elfi

Gallery Elfi displays the paintings of Elfrida – one of your hosts at Elfis. Local motives from the Helgeland coast area.

The room also serves as a meeting room/place for small groups.

Mountain trip: The Seven Sisters

Elfis is a perfect base for experiencing one of Helgeland’s most spectacular peaks – The Seven Sisters. Take the ferry to Søvik and there are only a few hundred meters to parking for the southernmost summit  – Stortinden.

This toursuggestion describes the trip to the Skjæringen summit – which is a simple peak to do on the first trip. You can also take all three tops on this trip!

Seløy Kystferie – boat trips with RIB.

Experience the force of the open ocean in an RIB – action and an adrenaline kick at top speed. Guided tours to the fishing village Sandsundvær and the islands where you experience the open ocean and the great forces of nature.

Read more and order here.


Herøy – perfect for biking !

Herøy is a perfect starting point for island hopping by bike. It is possible to make day-trips around beautiful Herøy, or round-trips combining boats an bike. Ask us for suggestions !

Elfis has bikes for rent.

See also: Island hopping by bike at the Helgeland coast.

Mount Dønnamannen

The Mount Dønnamannen (The Dønna man) is lying with its nose up at the island Dønna outside Sandnessjøen, and is considered one of Kystriksveiens most spectacular hikes. The starting point(s) are easy to reach with ferry from Sandnessjøen to Dønna. The 2 routes are regarded as challenging and best suited experienced hikers.

See toursuggestion.